About us

Fundacja Czarna Owca Pana Kota was founded in 2009 in Poland. Its operations include both providing everyday help to animals and talking about their rights.

What exactly do we do?

  • We rescue – we rescue animals every day; we do not divide them into better and worse. We are committed to ensuring every animal receives the help it needs. No matter what species it is.
  • We educate – we run educational activities; encourage animal activism; organize meetings, workshops and trainings; support Belarusian, Ukrainian and Polish organizations by providing them with insight on how to effectively contribute to the animal cause; write reports and books; make films and clips that bring up the issue of animal rights as well as evoke empathy and respect towards all animals.
  • We inspire – encourage to change, talk about animal rights and plant-based diet showing how our behaviour and decisions affect animals and their lives.

What have we accomplished for 7 years?

  • We published 3 pioneering books on animal rights in Poland.
  • We wrote and published 2 comic books with animal characters for children and were the first in Poland to create a board game with the theme of animal rights.
  • We made 4 documentaries on animal welfare, animal activism, including one looking in to Belarusian animal activism.
  • We made 5 advertisement clips.
  • We wrote 3 reports (on popular perceptions of animal activists, on collaboration of animal welfare NGOs with local governments as well as on implementation of the Animal Protection Laws).
  • We created www.dlazwierzat.org website to promote respect towards animals and encourage to respond in emergency situations.
  • We created www.wybieramzwierzeta.czarnaowca.org website to promote the plant-based diet in Polish, English and Russian.
  • We helped 43 Polish, 4 Belarusian and 3 Ukrainian animal advocacy organizations to acquire comprehensive insight and skills they need to act for animals.
  • We organized 41 professionalisation workshops and courses for Polish animal advocacy organizations.
  • We organized 20 professionalisation workshops, courses and meetings for animal advocacy organizations from Belarus and Ukraine.
  • We organized 3 study visits for 31 people from Belarus and Ukraine.
  • We organized 30 professionalisation courses and meetings for people who want to engage in animal activism.
  • Together with Wrocław-based Ekostraż, we conducted a monitoring study of the Polish legal system to evaluate the implementation of the Animal Protection Laws. The study covered a third of all district courts and prosecutor’s offices in Poland, i.e. around 300 entities in total.
  • We organized cooking workshops to promote the plant-based diet.
  • We conducted over 100 empathy workshops for over 2,000 children.
  • We organized 38 open panels on animal rights, including a series of 12 panels entitled “Other Animals” conducted in collaboration with Stowarzyszenie Empatia.
  • We were co-organizers of the first Veggie Parade and (Non)Silence March in Poland, as well as an animal portrait display performance entitled “I am an animal. I feel, I think. I want to live”, conducted together with Stowarzyszenie Empatia in Krakow.
  • We participated in several festivals, events, panels to actively promote animal rights and plant-based diets.
  • Our activists wrote several papers and articles on animal rights.
  • We are present in the media: we talk about animals and plant-based diets.

How have we been helping animals?

Among other things:

  • We helped several hundred animals, including 300 birds we set free and 100 pets we found home for.
  • We carried out 44 workshops on building houses for homeless cats and wild animals.
  • We built and distributed free of charge 247 houses for homeless animals.
  • We co-organized transports of cat and dog food to the Ukrainian war zone.
  • We spent 35,000 hours working with animals.
  • We provided dozens of pieces of advice nationwide on how to rescue and care for wild animals.

We change animal lives!

Fundacja Czarna Owca Pana Kota: We rescue, educate, inspire. We act for all animals. All lives matter.


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